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Whether cooking up bone broth, wanting to include more nutrients or just prefer organ meats, we offer a wide selection.

Organ Meats & Bones

If you have special meat requirements, we can customize your order.

Raw Chicken Backs (avg. 40 lb. case) $36.00/case (.90/lb.)
Raw Chicken Necks (avg. 40 lb. case) $36.00/case (.90/lb.)
Raw Chicken Gizzards (30 lb. case or 5 lb. box) $52.50/case; $8.75/box
Beef Bones, Random (10 lb. pack) $2.50/lb.
Raw Turkey Necks (30 lb. case) $52.50/case
Item Beef Tongue – Limited Availability Currently Unavailable
Item Beef Heart – Limited Availability 1 per pack, 4-5 lb. each, $2.50/lb.
Item Beef Liver – Limited Availability Sliced, Frozen, 1-1.5 lb. packages, $2.99/lb.

Since the weight on many cases may vary by a few pounds, please note you will be charged per pound.

Much more available upon request.All products are frozen & whole; grinding of products is not available at this time.
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