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Minder Meats Are Always A Crowd Pleaser For All Your Holiday Festivities!

Season Greetings! Set your holiday table with one of these mouthwatering gourmet tradition:

🎅 Prime Rib (boneless) – $14.99/lb.
This cut of beef is extremely tender, unbelievably juicy, with a bold flavor that needs no dressing up.
Size: 12 – 14 lb. Avg.
Serves: 15 – 18 people
» How to Cook an Easy Prime Rib (boneless) Recipes

🎅 Prime Rib Bone in, aka Standing Rib Roast – $13.99/lb
We take a USDA Choice rib and age it for 28 days, then we can remove the bones and tie them back on for you, if you like. All of our meats come with complete cooking instructions.
Size: 17 – 20 lb. Avg.
Serves: 14 – 18 people
» How to Cook a Standing Rib Roast/Bone In Prime Rib 

🎅 Pork Crown Roast – $7.99/lb.
Size: 12 – 14 lb. Avg.
Serves: 15 – 18 people
Truly one of the most magnificent of all holiday entrees! It makes for a handsome display for any dinner party. It is called a crown because it is two rib racks (usually 12 ribs from one pork loin) that are bent into a circle and then tied together with kitchen twine. The meatiest portion of the ribs forms the bottom of the crown and face inward. A crown roast comes from the rib portion of the loin – perhaps the tastiest of all cuts. The rib chops are “frenched,” then they are slightly cut and cracked at the bone so that they can be bent into a crown shape.

🦃  Turkey Specials**
Frozen Turkeys 10-26# $2.79/lb
Fresh Northwest Natural Turkeys 10-26# $2.89/lb

** All Specialty Turkeys are subject to availability and pricing changes. Actual pricing will be given when order is confirmed. 

Free Range, Mary’s/Dietsel Fresh 10-26# $3.59/lb
Organic, Mary’s/Dietsel Fresh 12-22# $5.99/lb

🎅 Holiday Hams
Whole Bone In Hams, 16-22# $3.99/lb.
Pitt Hams, 13-16#  $4.49/lb
Spiral ½ Hams, 7-10# $2.89/lb

🍱 Our Deli Meats Makes for Easy Appetizers.
Sliced Roast Beef – 2.5lb Pack $9.99/lb
Sliced Corned Beef – 2.5lb Pack $9.99/lb
Sliced Ham, 95% fat free – 2.5lb Pack $6.99/lb
Sliced Turkey Breast – 2lb Pack $5.79/lb
Deli meats are sold in 2 or 2 1/2 pound packages only

Quantity Discounts Available Minimum 21 day lead time on Fresh Turkeys
All Thanksgiving orders placed after Oct. 15, 2023 will be subject to availability

Happy Holidays!

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Our Holiday Hours:
Thursday and Friday, Dec 21 and 22: Open till 6pm
Saturday, Dec 23: Open normal hours10am to 2pm

Please order early and allow a minimum of 24 hours notice for pick up.

==================================================================Quick Fix Meals
Jumbo Hot Dogs, All Meat (50 Dogs per box, 10 lb box) $40.00/box
Minder Burger Patties, 12#Bx – $60.00
Minder Burger Patties, 3#Bx – $20.00
6oz Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast, IQF, 10lb Box $70.00/bx
Baby Back Ribs, sold by the rack (average rack weight 4-5 lbs each) $5.09/lb
St. Louis Spare Ribs, sold by the rack (average rack weight 3-4 lbs each) $4.99/lb
Beef Short Rib Plates, Whole 4-6lb Avg $8.99/lb
Tomahawk Steaks 3 – 3.5 lb (Please call for pricing)

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