Chickens, Whole
Chicken Free Range 3.5#Ea 12Hd/Cs
Chickens, 8PC Cut
Chicken, Quartered
Chicken, Split
Airline Chicken Breasts, 8-10oz 12#Box
Chix Backs 40# Cs
4oz B/L S/L Chix Brst Fillets 6# Box 66104
5oz B/L S/L Chix Brst Fillet 7.5#Bx 66105
6oz B/L S/L Chix Brst Fillets 9#Bx  66106
6oz B/L S/L Chix Brst, IQF Fillet 18#Box
7oz B/L S/L Chix Brst
8oz B/L S/L Chix Brst Butterfly
8oz B/L S/L Chix Brst IQF Btfy Georges 24#Box 12940
Chicken Breast, Bone-in
CKD Diced Chix, 60/40 blend
Chix Drumettes Wings First Street 49024
Chix Drumettes Wings Carrolls4/5# Bags
Chix Drumettes Wings House of Raeford 8/5# Bg
Drumstick, Chix
Ducks Quack-on-a-rack 4#Ea 16040
Duck Breast Boneless Maple Leaf 003-5810-05 2per 32pc/11#Bx
Game Hens
Game Hens, Lb..Product of U.S.A.
Chix Gizzards, 6/5#..Product of U.S.A.
Chicken Hind Quarters, Lb..Product of U.S.A.
Chix Livers 6/5#..Product of U.S.A.
Chicken Necks, Lb..Product of U.S.A.
Random Boneless Skinless Chix Breast 4/10#Bags 
Random Chix Brst SKNLS, Fresh
Random B/L S/L Chix Brst - Free Range 
Chix Tenders Raw 4/10#Bags 
Chicken Thighs Bone In 
Chicken Boneless Skinless Thigh Meat 4/10#Bags 
Chicken Trim/Pieces 4/10#Bags..Product of U.S.A.
Chix Whole Wings 4/10# Bags
Eggs, Large 15dz
Liquid EZ Egg Blend PEP 4/8#Tubs- 32# Case FRESH
Liquid Eggs w/Citric 4/8#Tubs - 32# Case FROZEN
Eggs, Medium 15dz
Squid 3-5 Tubes&Tents 20/2.5#
Squid 3-5 Tubes Only 20/2.5#
Turkey Products
Turkey Breast Bone In Raw Zacky T2101
Turkey Breast Bnls Raw Sweetheart Norbest 25106
Ckd Turkey Brst Carolina Deluxe 81301/81401
Turkey Drumsticks Smoked
Turkey, Free Range, Lb.
Ground Turkey - Mechanically Seperated
Turkeys Hens 10-16
Turkey Necks..Product of U.S.A.
Turkey Roasts S/F (Young Breast&Thigh) 70092
Smoked Turkey Brst Just Perfect 81108
Smoked Turkeys
Turkey Thighs Bnls
Turkeys Tom 16-26
Turkey Wings Tom 30#
Tyson Products
4412 4pc Brd Chix, Cs..Product of U.S.A.
6354 Georges B-52 Party Wings 4/5#
5841 Brakebush Chix Strip Gold/Spice Brd 10#Box
Buffalo Style Hot Wings OK Tenderbird 10#Box
OK Foods Mardi Gras Flavored Party Wings 2/5# 
4402 Brd Drummettes, Cs..
6922 Fajita Ckd Thigh
2454 Brd Chix Fillet, Cs..
2192 Brd Raw 8pc
4889 Georges Chix Strips, Cs..
1753 Brd Gizzards, Cs..
0436 Grilled Fillet, Cs
1588 Heritage 8pc Chix, Cs
2485 Spicy Hoagie, Cs..
5210 Wings of Fire, Cs..
6572 Brakebush Inferno Wings 12#..
2190 Chix Nuggets, Cs..
9707 3oz Brd Chix Patty, Cs..
2407 Brd Chix Patties, 3oz, Cs..
4499 Pierce Chicken Strips, Cs..
3034 Popcorn Chicken..
4901 Brd Chix Strips, Cs..
4861 Georges Brd Chix Fritters 10#..
2116 Tenderpress 5oz Brst..
1572 Brd Chix Tender, Cs..
Tornado, Spicy Cheese Steak 3/8/3oz 4.5#
7888 Tyson Crispitos Chick/Che 72/2.75oz
6481 Zinger Hot Wings..
...more Tyson products available, just ask
Prices subject to change