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Thanksgiving Holiday Meat Specials
Set your holiday table with one of these mouthwatering gourmet traditions:

Old Fashion "Drake" Prime Rib - $6.99/lb
We take a USDA Choice rib and age it for 28 days, remove the bones and the fat cap. Then we tie the bones back on for your convenience. All of our meats come with complete cooking instructions.
Size: 22 – 28 lb. Avg.
Serves: 15 – 18 people

» How to Cook a Drake Prime Rib

Fresh Turkeys 10 - 28 Lbs $1.99/lb

Frozen Turkeys 8 - 28 Lbs $1.79/lb

We also have Free Range and Organic by special order! Call for exact pricing and availability
Free Range $3.09/lb
Organic $4.49/lb

Fresh Smoked Turkey - $49.00 ea.
Minder's fresh, fully cooked smoked turkey is tender and juicy. Succulent and flavorful this meal is ready to serve in the fraction of the time of a traditional turkey. Just heat and serve or slice cold.
Size: 10 – 12 lb. Avg.
Serves: 8 – 10 people

» How to Roast a Turkey

Pork Crown Roast - $5.99/lb.
Truly one of the most magnificent of all holiday entrees! It makes for a handsome display for any dinner party. It is called a crown because it is two rib racks (usually 12 ribs from one pork loin) that are bent into a circle and then tied together with kitchen twine. The meatiest portion of the ribs forms the bottom of the crown and face inward. A crown roast comes from the rib portion of the loin - perhaps the tastiest of all cuts. The rib chops are "frenched," then they are slightly cut and cracked at the bone so that they can be bent into a crown shape.
Size: 12 – 14 lb. Avg.
Serves: 15 – 18 people

Prime Rib (boneless) - $8.99/lb.
This cut of beef is extremely tender, unbelievably juicy, with a bold flavor that needs no dressing up.
Size: 12 – 14 lb. Avg.
Serves: 15 – 18 people

» How to Cook an Easy Prime Rib (boneless)

Bone-in Ham - $2.59/lb.
Create an elegant and memorable meal for your family by serving a smoked bone-in ham. This ham is mildly cured, fully smoked and cooked to perfection. Simply warm and serve…Spectacular presentation!
Size: 16 – 20 lb. Avg.
Serves: 28 – 34 people

Old Fashion Boneless Pit Hams - $3.19/lb.
Bring the taste of good old fashioned country flavor to your dinner table. They're easy to cook, and their natural marbling and firmness make them rich and flavorful. They're simply, naturally delicious.
Size: 12 – 16 Lb. Avg.
Serves: 24 – 32 people

Spiral Sliced Ham - $2.99/lb.
Fully prepared, spiral-sliced, ham is gently roasted and includes a packet of Minder Meats special ingredients so you can brush on a sweet glaze that comes out perfectly every time.
Size: 8 lb. Halves or 14 lb. Whole
Serves: 14 people (Halves) – 28 people (Whole)

» How to Cook a Spiral Sliced Ham

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*All Prices Include the Following Services:

  • Proper aging for full flavor and tenderness.
  • Each package is labeled and sealed in freezer film.
  • Meat blast-frozen for locked-in freshness.
  • You may pick up your order at our plant from 6:00am to 3:00pm, Monday through Friday.

*Minder Meats PRICES AS OF NOV. 1, 2017 - SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

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